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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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800,000 federal workers are facing furloughing which would put jobs and paychecks on hold. >> the hours to shutdown are in the single digits, and on capitol hill while no deal has been reached the blame game is in full force. >> the whole reason we're in the mess is that democrats advocated >> he's surrounded by lean and hungry values challenging his leadership. >> if democrats and republicans can't agree before midnight. the government will run out of money. and both sides charged the other is at fault. >> what are they thinking? what is the end game? i don't know. it's an ideological battle. it has nothing to do with the fiscal integrity of the country. >> harry reid and john boehner have the chiefs of staff
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handling the negotiations. neither leader sounded upbeet on a deal. >> there's one reason we don't have an agreement and the issue is spending. >> reporter: the big sticking point is abortion. some want to end federal funds for planned parenthood saying they want health care funds to go to health care organization. some in the gop say it's not. >> you don't have to go there to get your cholesterol or blood pressure checked. >> the gop is risking a shutdown over political ideology, democrats say. >> i think there's a group who believes it's a good thing to shut down government. they've said that. to me it's frightening because it will hurt our country. >> reporter: if both sides can't come to an agreement before midnight, the shutdown is in effect. there you have a taste of the back and forth on capitol hill
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today. right now we know these meetings, these negotiations are continuing and people tell us that's a good sign. one senior democratic official told us he has no idea how this is going to turn out and members on capitol hill are turning as much to the news media as their own leadership to try to get a bead on how this is going to turn out. eleanor holmes norton joins us now. two words, planned parenthood. >> according to harry reid, the entire government may shut down over republican insistence on cutting planned parenthood. how did we get to this point? >> well, let me tell you. if planned parenthood is in danger. the district of columbia certainly is. they've passed a continuing resolution that had on it a rider that would bar the district from spending its own local funds for abortions for low income women.
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every time i hear that i know that somebody may be looking to use the district of columbia as a bargaining chip. hear me. we are not a tradeoff for planned parenthood or anybody else. don't touch them but for goodness sake, don't touch us. we have six hours to go. you talk about 800,000 federal workers across the country. what about every d.c. government worker and 600,000 residents of the district of columbia whose government will be shut down for no reason, no reason whatsoever except that our local funds are here and all they would have had to do would have been to pass my amendment that said whether the federal government shuts down or not, d.c.'s local funds are not in the fight and d.c. may continue to spend its local funds until the end of the year. >> you're on the floor there. i'm just curious how this ended
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up being about abortion? i thought it was about budget cuts and 30 billion and suddenly it's about one social issue. >> i can tell you how. the far right social conservatives saw a train running. the train was being carried by the tea party they jumped on th said while you're at it. make sure you take care of us. and they're into things like abortion. so boehner who has been entirely captured by the tea party type has allowed the social conservatives to get on the same train and that train may be heading south, taking with it the federal government and the d.c. government right along with it in the -- what is the last train called?
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>> to georgia. >> the caboose. >> we don't belong on this track at all. >> let's talk about pay. you'll still get a paycheck if the government shuts down. you're giving yours away. >> i'm giving mine to local organizations who have been active in the fight for home rule and in solidarity. and my own staff will be here. every last one of them, working without pay. that's the least we can do. the congress isn't leading by example. we certainly hope to try to do that. >> good words. eleanor holmes norton thank you for joining us tonight. >> always a pleasure. >> military pay hangs in the balance too. the pentagon says if a shutdown ends by tuesday, the military may get full paychecks by april 15th. >> a service member dies in the
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line of duty during the shutdown there would be a delay processing the death benefits. medical research and treatment caught in the middle of all of this. the national institutes of health will reduce staff if there's a shutdown. seven new protocols are set to start next week but won't if in fact there is a shutdown. two of those involve children with cancer. patients already enrolled in clinical trials will still receive treatment and medication. it's the first term republicans in the house who seem to be wielding the power over the federal government budget. we asked for a closer look. what their intentions are tonight. >> reporter: most are white men with a stated passion to slash federal spending. we know them as the tea party republicans, but really who are they? and where do they come from? we visited one this afternoon.
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>> andy harris, maryland's first congressional district. >> dr. andy harris, an anesthesiologist, was elected to congress. >> they gave us a mandate to make it a culture of where can we start saving money. >> to meet the people who sent him to washington, you have to visit his district. we did so today at gary's grill. >> i don't say the tea party. i don't say the republican party, the democrat party. if you don't have the money, you can't spend it. >> i am so worried about my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. i'm worried about what they'll face in their time. >> reporter: that's not to say everybody here wants a government shutdown to make a point. >> cutting spending is a great idea. but when you have so many people's lives impacted by the
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shutdown, including mine because my husband works for the department of homeland security. and they've been told to prepare for a furlough. >> reporter: the district encompasses the entire eastern shore and parts of baltimore and hartford counties. >> did you send him to congress with a mandate? >> i certainly didn't. >> reporter: not everybody here is in lock step with their rep. >> i think they need to grow up. i think they need to be serious about what's healthy for the country. the common good. >> reporter: others don't see a government shutdown as an evil monster. >> if that's what needs to be done, we agree with that. >> reporter: what about it? >> i consider myself someone who came here to get a tightness belt and return to the constitutional basis of government.
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if that's the way we define tea party, count me among them. >> they come from across the country with varying backgrounds. as a group, the freshmen caucus is a powerful lot. >> the government shutdown would have a major impact on the government workers. we'll hear from the mayor about how his administration is bracing for the worst. the news will be back in a moment.   
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>> the government shut down and countdown, what has mayor d.c. gray been saying about this? rose plate erhas more. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray met with his cabinet for a little over an hour or so this afternoon and going over the rules that would a by to d.c. workers who will be treated as federal workers in this shutdown. at this point it seems inevitable. this is a copy of a letter he sent to capitol hill a few hours ago to speaker boehner and rode and asked them to
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exempt d.c. from the shutdown and asking for the right for the city to spend its own money. it's intolerable to treat dos agent as a federal agency and the residents as second-class citizens. i asked the mayor if he considered declaring all of d.c. workers essential to stay on the job and this is what he had to say about that. >> that is an idea we po sued, andy with -- pursued and we talked with the attorney general, our city administrator about it and omb. fragly, the problem you -- frankly, the problem is if you do it, we have to ensure that we can pay everyone and i don't think that we can and that is the guidance we have gotten. we have them boys, spiritual. the other 10 to 49,000 are not considered essential, and while we -- 14,000 are not considered essential. how do we pay them who are not regarded essential by omb. >> reporter: as for that letter to capitol hill, that last- minute appeal to exempt d.c. as
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a few minutes ago, he was still waiting for a response. >> people getting their frustrations out on the internet. our website is a major source. if you want to know how exactly the shutdown will affect you, we'll have details coming up next. first, the university of maryland study finds going off the grid can result in serious withdrawals. a thousand students around the world were asked to abstain for all forms of media for a day. no the, phones and most couldn't go cold turkey. they had cravings, anxiety attacks and discretion. the jury is still out as to whether it's an actual medical . - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> we're seeing strong reaction
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to the possible government shut doon our facebook and twitter pegasus. brenda m -- pages. brenda m. thomas said this is scarry stuff. most people live paycheck-to- paycheck. what are we supposed to do our bills? i'm on the verge of losing my place of residence. i could be homeless after something like this. i'm stressed out of my mind here and promage styles tweeted us billion line, everyone suffers. it's a domino affect. here we go again. let's go to shawn yancy with more. and that is a domino affect. more than the 800,000 federal workers will be impacted by this and we set up a special place for to you go to, a special web pam on and you can -- page on and you will know how this will affect you. you will find what is affected by the government shutdown and a number of different answers to your questions, things like what functions will continue like the u.s. military and mail. what will shut down, things like the national park, the smithsonian. how many workers affected?
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800,000 what benefits will continue. social security, medicare error error. if you work for the government -- medicare. if you work for the government, will you get paid? find out the answer and with the pentagon and white house shutdown. all the answers to the questions you need to know. also, you know, this is changing by the minute and see you can come to our pa here and find the latest -- page here and find the latest news here. you can click to see how it will impact you. we want to you tell us how it's going to impact you see you can go to the page and leave your name, leave us a message well about how this will impact you and your family and more frequently asked questions and of course you need to know about how this shutdown will a picture and you your family and the country and that is a pace to get all the -- place to get all the information you need and leave a message and sound off about how it's affecting you. thank you, shawn.
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>> dancers gearing up for a flash mob, playing for tomorrow's cherry blossom festival parade. looks look that'll be hustling to lady gaga. the organization noisier said this will be the first flash mob of its kind, regardless of whether or not the government shuts down the parade will go on as planned. >> i hope they pan to wear pinch. >> it will be a drier day, brian. could be drizzle around the clouds and might be hard to get rid of. so, the colors won't be running. >> and warmer. >> wait for send and monday, that is when we think it will improve. notice the fog showing up on our tower cam. we have had other good batch of rain come through and there will be some areas of fog and drizzle later tonight and i wanted you to see on radar here. this is the batch that came through, we're left with a fog that you wake up with and to the south, more substantial and there have been some flashes of
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lightning down there where the error is more -- air is unstable and warmer than in d.c. watch this from across into charles county and you're getting moderate downpours and mot get a rum bill of thunder as it -- rumble of thunder and as we go to a bigger picture, you'll be able to see this is not severe weather but these were descent downpours that came through and a little more behind it to the south and west. we have severe thunderstorm watches for western and central virginia to the south and let's go to max hd satellite radar and see what i'm talking about with the light rain coming through from time to time to max hd and you will be able to see in the wider picture what we're watching, especially down through western west virginia and all of this line coming on through. with a bit more intensity and that will miss us. again, moderate downpours as that moves on through and more to come in the next several hours. there will be a break and other batch to come later tonight. and not as wet, though o saturday and that is the good news.
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the clouds might be hard to dislodge and there could be spotty drizzle from time to time and more clouds than anything else and maybe if we keep our fingers crossed, we'll get a break tomorrow afternoon and for sunday. send some should warm up into the 70s, may be not 80 like before and that could be one or two showers still lingering on send morning and then on monday, we could be talking about record heat, 80s, may be 90sfor some spots, believe it or not, and that could mean a round of late-day and evening thunderstorms and that is what we'll be watching for monday. the temperature right now, though, wow, unbelievable. 45 degrees. gathers bug, 43. heard -- gaithersburg, 43 and hard to believe we started this week and you can see the remnants of this hot, raleigh, steph degrees at this point and there is a lot of warm air that wants to move in and that process should begin on send and max hd future cast, watch what is happening. the bigger line against fredericksburg and south charlottesville and you'll see
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more activity than what we're going to see and by that, heavier rain and hundred the and are lightning as the next batch moves on through and saturday morning, we're down to one or two spotty showers, mostly drizzle and not as wet and kind of damp. the future cast is trying to suggest a broughtenning of the sky tomorrow afternoon and -- brightening of the sky tomorrow afternoon and the one last batch of showers for send morning, very spotty and light. nothing -- sunday morning. very spotty and light. we hope to get brighter spots. future cast wants to suggest a potential for a quick hit-or- miss shower later in the day on sunday. we head into monday, it's all sunshine and you can see that we brighten up. may be if you can watch in hd, you will see a line of thunderstorms that is off to the west and that is what we'll be watching for monday evening. tonight, 44 degrees, the my showers are going to taper off and we'll be left with spotty drizzle and fog. you can see that on the tower cam. drizzle here and there and we should be able to get warmer to 60 degrees or at least close by. your planner through the day,
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there might be a few showers at 8 met morning, 45 and spotty. by noon cloudy and 54. brighter skies by 4:00 and 58 degrees. this is your five-day forecast. and we have some real warm temperatures on this and for starters, sunday which should be a pretty deask the day. 100% cop-- descent day. i think it will be much nicer compared to the next several days. monday, 84 degrees could be warmer south of d.c. and on tuesday, 68. schooling off again and it's a descent rain. we could see that. thank you, sue. up one more game before the play-offs begin. who is in and out for 
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>> good evening, i'm lindsey murphy. the capitals have one game left infafa andit -- florida and it's possible some of the players could sit out and get rest. the caps could clench the
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number one seed with a flyers loss tonight or by earning a single point saturday in florida. all of the capitals except for dennis wideman were on the ice for this morning's practice. and month the 9 defensemen was mike green, who participated fully in practice and continues to work toward coming back from a concussion and last payed with the team on february 25th. the pan is to play for you tomorrow and is that still in place? >> and absolutely. yeah. we'll see what happens. we have to talk to management here and i am ready to go. it's a matter of getting your fool back for the puck and the game-like situation and, you know, i think a period and it will come back. so, you never really lose it. >> the national his a quick turnaround. last night's extra innings victorynded after 11:00 p.m. in florida. the team arrived in new york at 3 this morning and had a date with the mets at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.
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will that affect their play? let's look and see. jordan zimmerman with the start. looking for his first within of the year and in the top of the second, hopes the own cause with the bases loaded singel to right field. rick ankiel, dannys penosa come in to score and the -- danny espinosa come to score and zimmerman strokes out the side, emus the last victim and 5 1/3 and with six tips and two runs. right now, the nationals lead 3- 2 and you had about this play last night in adam jones tracking a fly ball and that goes off the glove and bounces off the wall with the ball and there is markakis who grabs it for the out and talk about good teamwork. the orioles won 9-5 and begin a series with the undefeated texas rampers at camden yards. >> and some bracing news, major league baseball announced that slugger manney ramirez has decided to tire. he reportedly tested positive
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for a banned substance for which he would have received a 100-gam is suppose and was suspended for 50 games in tap for another failed drug test. and -- in 2009 for another failed drug test. >> and the clubhouse leader. phil mickleson at 2-under and tiger woods on the course and is at 6-under par. i know you have been keeping track of that. and i wish i had more time to keep track of that, you know? and you have two days, right in. >> you have the newsem. we like rory, though. coming up, tmz on tv. thage in happen.  
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